Searching for the Best Vacuum Cleaner Online

Most people use their vacuum cleaners until they’re nearly dead. Due to their expense it’s not a purchase that one does often, but when you are ready to purchase a new vacuum, you want to ensure that you buy the best vacuum cleaner as you’re going to be stuck with it through many years of service.

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners. First, you’ll need to decide which type you want. There are handheld, upright, lift-away, and canister style cleaners. Handheld is most suitable for quick vacuuming jobs such as the car or the couch, and won’t replace your regular vacuum cleaner. A stick style vacuum is suitable for a quick vacuum of floors but it can’t be used to clean furniture or cushions.

The stick vac may be fine for offices that don’t have any rugs or upholstered fabric. A lift-away vacuum is all-purpose, and can do everything from floors, to couches, cushions, and even the tops of shelves. Lift-away vacuums are usually bagless and have a debris cup or canister that can be emptied into the garbage can. A canister style vacuum cleaner is all multi-functional, but usually has disposable bags, which must be purchased separately. There are also robotic vacuum cleaners that can be preprogrammed to move independently around the room but cannot do furniture or shelves.


Once you’ve decided on type, then you’ll need to decide how much money you’re willing to spend. The higher the cost of a vacuum cleaner, the more attachable tools and features it will have. There will also be a greater cost for a vacuum cleaner that has a motorized brush roll. While it’s not necessary to use a motorized roll to vacuum carpets and rugs, if your home has several rooms full of carpeting, it’s wise to get a motorized brush roll. Probably the best vacuum cleaner’s price is a little bit higher then others.

HEPA filtration can also increase the cost of your new vacuum by $50 to $100 more. HEPA filtration means that the internal filter will contain micro-particulates, so that they don’t get spewed back out into the air. This is an important feature to have for people who are allergic or who have asthma. Not only does it make vacuuming more comfortable but it can also thoroughly clean a room so the allergic person can breathe more easily.

Another feature that can add to the cost of a vacuum cleaner is whether there are attachable microfiber pads for the brush roll. These help to capture more dirt and debris in one pass.

The best vacuum cleaner manufacturers are Shark, Kenmore, Hoover, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Eureka, Black, and Decker, iRobot, Oreck, and more. Most of these manufacturers back up their vacuum cleaners with at least a one year warranty. Some of the Shark products have a five year warranty.

There are also cheaper vacuum brands with lesser-known names that are usually under $50. While it may be tempting to buy a cheap vacuum, keep in mind that often these types only have a 30 to 60 day warranty, and if they break after that time, you’ll have to purchase a new one. It’s worth buying a good name brand vacuum cleaner with a good warranty. Some people may also buy their vacuum cleaner for looks. Shark has cleaners that are in red, blue, purple, and green. Some vacuums are also compact, which is a consideration when you in a small apartment or are a student living in a dorm room.

When you’re searching for the best vacuum cleaner online, also check the product reviews and starred ratings. Combined together, all this knowledge will help you to make the best vacuum cleaner purchase.