My Experience Finding the Best Electric Shaver for Christmas

Christmas is coming up faster than I realized, so I needed to find the best gift for my husband. You may have heard this before, but he has everything. Well, everything we can afford, anyway. It’s hard to buy for a man who has a closet full of clothes he doesn’t wear, a shelf of DVDs never watched, and ten packs of Nintendo games never played. I watched him curse his electric shaver the other day, so decided that he needed a new one. I had no worries he would buy a new one—he’ll spend $200 on a new Bluray player, but not a personal grooming device.


I started by finding a list of locations where I could find the best electric shaver for Christmas. There are always the big box stores, but they never have display models, and often these are locked up in a glass case. Because someone will steal a $50 shaver, but not a $50 kitchen appliance?! There are also the pharmacies and larger supermarkets, but often their selection is limited. I had better luck at the local electronics shop where the salespeople were very helpful, and was even able to try a few models out on my arm. But I was aiming for one around $100, so I wanted to look around a bit more. The online marketplace was perfect for finding the best electric shaver for Christmas! No longer did I have to wade through crowds at the shops. I could browse shaver listings in the privacy of my home. Well, when my husband wasn’t home anyway.

Not only could I browse descriptions, but I could hunt for the best prices too. And there’s something called “reviews”. So for each of the electric shavers I had narrowed down to on my list, there were hundreds of reviews from people who had actually bought these shavers and tried for themselves. Even the most perfect shaver had some complaints. Not everyone will agree 100% of the time that a certain cordless men’s shaver was the right one. There were even a few shavers that got consistently bad reviews. I steered clear of these. Many of the more well-known makers of men’s shavers seem to know what they are doing in terms of making a good shaver that gives a clean, smooth shave, and that lasts beyond its warranty. Braun, Philips, Panasonic, and Remington all make great models of electric shavers.

Price was another factor. I didn’t want to buy the entry level $20 Remington, but on the other hand, I didn’t want to spend $300 on a Braun shaver with cleaning and charging system. Finding the best electric shaver would have to involve an easy-to-clean shaver, without the fancy cleaning unit that I didn’t think my husband would actually use. In the end I found the perfect gift for my husband: The Braun Waterflex. Turns out this is the official shaver of the NFL, a fact that my football-loving husband is sure to appreciate!